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Bronze                                                                  (30 Mins)

Cleanse, tone, exfoliation, face massage, mask, gel, moisturise. 

Facial products are available to order.

Silver                                                                      (1 Hour)

As above with back, neck, shoulder, face and head massage. 

You will leave with your skin buffed and renewed. Relaxed and looser.


Gold                                                                      (75 Mins)

Real gold , collagen & vitamin C are used in this facial treatment, which will help sooth and improve your skin. Improving radiancy and giving a vital boost to help your natural collagen.  This cooling mask will hydrate, lighten and even skin tone, balance PH levels, deeply moisturise, plump skin, reduce fine and deep wrinkles, reduce signs of scarring and blemishes.  Whilst the deep shoulder neck and face massage will leave you relaxed, de-stressed.                        

Collagen is a protein produced by our cells, it holds the skin together and keeps our skin looking youthfull and wrinkle free but sadly it reduces as we age and is damaged by free radical damage such as sun exposure.  Thankfully there are lots you can do to preserve it and even boost its production. 
Vitamin C is crucial to the formulation of collagen, without it amino acids cannot be linked to form the protein. A study published in the American Journal of Nutrition found that women over 40 with the highest amount of vitamin C in their diet were less likely to develop wrinkles than those who consumed lower levels.
Gold boosts blood flow to the skin and speeds cellular processes and activates regeneration. 
Gold is connected with the electrons in skin cells that are sensitive to electric charges. So it's strengthening and healing as well as rejuvenating. Gold also has powerful antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. (Lynda Wehbi director of Fleur de Lys Medispa in Sydney)

MAXI Lift Facial                                  (30 Mins)
Add a Maxi Lift facial massage to the above facials for instant face lifting results. A special massage by hand has been developed to give great instant results without the need for electronics or chemicals.  Add
Nu Skin ageLOC Galvanic Spa Facial £45.00  (60 Mins)

With this galvanic spa from Nu Skin, you can finally help your skin to turn back the clock. Delivers ageLOC ingredients deep in to the skin. It smooths and targets lines and wrinkles using pro collagen peptides. Peptides have the ability to send age reversing to collagen producing cells to promote younger looking skin. The galvanic current forces the ageLOC serum to penetrate the skin on a much deeper level, producing better and more visible results. Radiant skin is immediately visible.



Blissful                                                                  (60 Mins)
Full body massage, tip to toe. This blissful massage is designed to relax, de-stress, alleviate tension and soothe.                      
 Flex It                                                                    (60 Mins)
 Full body massage.  Stretching, kneading and deep tissue work are included in this fabulous treatment. Leave feeling flexible and lighter.
Express Taster Session Massage                 (30 Mins)
Back, neck and shoulder or scalp massage.  De-stressing, relaxing and un-knotting. 
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Face It                                                                   (45 Mins)
Shoulder, neck, face and head massage.  Relax and drift to another place with this wonderful massage. Stretching and soothing techniques are used in this unique massage to massage away tension and stress.  
MAXI Lift Facial Massage                                        (30 Mins)
Specialist hand massage techniques to lift your face, reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  No electricals or chemicals are needed for instant results.
Anti Cellulite Wrap & Facial                                      (60 Mins)
Pure botanial ingredients used in this targeted wrap of areas of cellulite to break down fatty tissue and reduce dimples.  It is followed by specialist lymph darinage massage to remove the toxins. This is great teamed up with one bronze our facial.
Indian Head Massage                                              (30 Mins)
Fantastically relaxing treatment for head neck and shoulders
Tootsies                                                                 (30 Mins)
Specialist and unique foot massage, designed to relaxe and relieve stress both in tired feet and the body, through refleology points. 
Strollers                                                                  (30 Mins)
Unique leg massage to alleviate muscle tightness and tiredness, drain lymphs and relax sore legs
Paws                                                                      (20 Mins)
Fabulous individual hand massage combined with a heated paraffin wrap.  Great for arthiritis sufferers.  Palms and hands are stretched and massaged to free tight knuckles and palms.

 RSI                                                                       (10 Mins)
Ten minute hand wrist and arm massage. Specialised treatment
to relieve tension and drainage lymphage to reduce pain and 

 Hot Stone Massage                                                 (60 Mins)
Using smooth, heated stones as an extension of the therapists hand to instantly provide a deeply realaxing massage. It is a deep tissue massage using soothing oils and massage techniques to relax and warm muscles. It encourages the body to detox and heal and increase lymph flow to flush out waste.
 Top Lip or Chin
 Full Arm
 Top Lip & Chin
 Half Arm
 Eyebrows, Top Lip & Chin
 Full Leg
 Half Leg 
 Bikini & Full Leg
Bikini & Half Leg
Full Leg including underarm
Underarm, Bikini & Half Leg
 Underarm, Bikini & Whole Leg