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At Liberty Spa at The Haven,  we are focused on providing exceptional natural beauty treatment services, with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us.  If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. 

We work alongside 'Essentially Yours', a research and development institute, who manufacture natural skin care products.  Pure botanical unadulterated ingredients, including vital and essential oils are used, with natural active healing ingredients and no parabens, animal ingredients (or research), alcohol or artificial perfumes.  They are unequally formulated especially for problem and sensitive skin and work to calm and restore the skin over a matter of weeks.  This is Naturapathic skin care range, which helps to improve skin without the use of harsh chemicals, drugs or intrusive surgery.

Chemical Free

Without the use of chemicals to cause stimulation, you're reducing the risk factor in damaging the skin with artificial synthetic reaction.  This makes our products healthier and more beneficial.

Free Radicals

Our  formulations don't contain any free radicals (rogue cells that lead to skin damage through pollution, chemicals and sun damage) , so they avoid free radical damage.  In fact, our products contain antioxidants which only come from natural oils, to fight these free radicals all around us.

Vital Oils

Contain vitamins, minerals and the protein the skin organ needs to maintain healthy cell growth. (amino acids).

Essential Oils

Stimulate the cells which encourages the skin organ to repair itself. they are able to penetrate deeply and be absorbed  in to the various layers of skin

What's Different About Us To Other Organic Brands?

Well for one thing we don't use Shea butters or heavy bees waxes, that so many use, as a base for their products.  Shea butters and bees waxes are heavy and dragging on the skin, thus creating more sagging over time and clog the skin.  We work the oil in water bases which means a lighter product, with water being a main stay of all cellular life.  We aim to repair and restore the natural beauty of the skin.

Our unique formulations deliver incredible results using totally pure botanical plant ingredients, vital and essential oils and do not contain any petroleum chemical components or artificial ingredients found in 98% skincare products today

We operate a very honest and open approach policy to anyone who wishes to learn more or ask advice about their skin care products.  Please do not hesitate to visit or contacts us.

Allergy UK

Acknowledge that some 50% of the UK population now have allergies.